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Bus Accidents In The Greater Pittsburgh Area

The Pittsburgh metropolitan area has hundreds of commuters that use the busing system. If you are hurt in a bus accident, it is likely that the busing company will fight to deny your injury claims or pressure you to settle for less than what you are owed. Therefore, it is essential to hire a skilled personal injury attorney familiar with these types of accidents. 

There are several different types of buses, including public buses, school or daycare buses, private vans, airport shuttles, or buses run by private companies. Regardless of the type of bus involved in your accident, all bus companies are held to a high standard of care because they are considered common carriers. Thus, when a bus transports individuals for compensation, it must use the utmost vigilance in providing safe transport for its passengers. 

Due to their massive length and width, lack of clear visibility and limited maneuverability, buses are commonly involved in accidents. Whether you are a passenger on the bus, a pedestrian or in a vehicle hit by a bus, your injuries can be severe or, in worst-case scenarios, fatal. 

The Port Authority of Allegheny County provides public transportation services throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. If your bus accident injury involves a bus run by the government, there are strict time periods in which you must give notice and file your claim. If you fail to meet the special deadlines and procedural requirements, you could lose your rights or your ability to recoup for the damages suffered.

To ensure your bus accident claim is properly handled, contact the personal injury attorneys at Rudberg Law Offices, LLC.

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