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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Workers’ Compensation

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by excessive pressure being placed on the wrist and the median nerve. There are several causes for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as underlying medical conditions, fractures or trauma to the wrist, or repetitive motion. However, individuals may develop the condition due to the repetitive nature of their job. Carpal tunnel syndrome can develop due to the positioning of the wrist while using a keyboard, prolonged exposure to vibrations caused by power tools, and any other repetitive motion that overextends the wrist, all which individuals may be exposed to in their work.

Those who are especially prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome within the course of their employment are construction workers, typists, assembly line workers and various other professions that require repetitive motion of the wrist. Individuals in these occupations should be aware of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome so that they can contact their medical provider. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand, tenderness and swelling of the hand and wrist, and weakness in the muscles of the hand.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, an employee can recover for a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome if it arose from the course and scope of their employment. In order to recover compensation for a claim of carpal tunnel syndrome, it must be shown that the condition developed from an unusual exertion made in the course of employment, resulted from a work-related accident, or is an aggravation injury. Any of these can be proven through unequivocal medical testimony stating that the condition was causally related to the individual’s work. In order to bring a claim, an individual must file a petition within three years since the work injury or since the condition was determined to be medically related to work activity.

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