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Category Archives: Insurance

What Is the Serious Injury Threshold in PA?

If you have a limited tort policy, you cannot recover compensation for your pain and suffering unless the court decides you have sustained a “serious injury.” But how badly do you have to be hurt for your injury to be serious? According to Pennsylvania law, a serious injury is “a personal injury resulting in death,… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Pennsylvania

If you are in a motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania, you may have to rely on your auto insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to make up your economic losses. Pennsylvania requires drivers to carry at least $5,000 in this type of coverage. But this might not be enough to get you through an injury accident,… Read More »

What to Consider When Choosing Limited Tort vs. Full Tort

When you purchase auto insurance in Pennsylvania, you have the choice between a less expensive “limited tort” option and the more expensive “full tort” option. But before you decide solely on price, you should fully understand the consequences if you get into an accident. The biggest consideration is damages you might not be able to… Read More »

How Much Uninsured Motorist Coverage Should I Carry?

Pennsylvania is among the best states for motor vehicle insurance compliance according to the Insurance Research Council. Only an estimated seven percent of drivers in the commonwealth operate vehicles without the statutory minimum level of liability coverage. Compare that to 29 percent in New Mexico and 28 percent in Mississippi. However, there is still a… Read More »