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Did A Roadway Defect Cause Your Auto Accident?

Roads and highways across Pennsylvania have design and construction flaws. Many people do not realize that these flaws may be contributing factors in their vehicular accident. A skilled auto accident attorney fully investigates all of the circumstances surrounding your wreck, including the possibility that a roadway defect or road maintenance issue played a role in your crash.

Allegations that roadway issues caused or contributed to your wreck can be difficult due to the technical issues involved. Examples of flaws in highways and city streets are:

  • Improper signage or lights: If traffic lights or signs do not function properly or they are not located in an appropriate place, it can be the reason your car accident occurred.

  • Curbs: A flawed design or the improper placement of curbs can result in an auto accident.

  • Safety devices: Medians and guard rails can add to the seriousness of your wreck, especially if found to be defective or located in inappropriate places.

  • Dangerous railroad crossings: Improperly maintained railroad tracks or railway crossings can cause serious damage to your car, including causing a wreck.

  • Improper banking: The outer edge of a curve in the road is typically elevated to reduce the risk of your car veering off the curve. However, if the banking is not at the proper elevation, it can play a role in causing your accident.

  • Speed bumps: Speed bumps or breakers can be improperly constructed and cause your vehicle to crash.

Pennsylvania law provides that a personal injury claim must be brought within two years from the date of the injury or it will be barred. Thus, if you have been involved in a traffic accident, contact an auto accident attorney at Rudberg Law Offices, LLC to learn how we can help you obtain compensation for damages suffered.

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