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Do I Have to See the Company Doctor After a Work Injury?

The choice of a healthcare provider is very personal. Yet, if you file a claim for a work-related injury, you may not be able to see your chosen doctor, at least not on the company dime. Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation law allows your employer to limit your choice of treating physicians to a minimum of six by posting in the workplace a list of approved healthcare providers. For your initial treatment, you must see a provider on that list, and you are required to see a provider from that list for any follow-up treatment over the next 90 days. If you see anyone else, workers’ comp may not pay.

However, if the treating physician recommends invasive surgery, you are entitled to a second opinion. In such a case, workers’ comp can pay your own doctor to examine you and render an opinion. However, any alternative treatment your doctor recommends must come from one of the listed providers, at least during the initial 90-day period.

After 90 days, if you require continuing treatment for your injury, you may see any healthcare provider you choose, and workers’ comp will pay. If, however, your employer has not complied with the requirement to post a list of at least six approved healthcare providers, you can see the doctor of your choosing from the outset.

If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, it is important to get the best medical care possible. If your employer tries to limit your access to medical care, you may need legal assistance to enforce your rights. Rudberg Law Offices, LLC represents employees of all backgrounds in workers’ compensation disputes. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 412-488-6000 or contact our Pittsburgh office online.

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