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Know Your Rights! When it Comes to Work Comp Injuries Don’t Get Injured Twice! Never Forget – Knowledge is Power

The most important thing to remember when you are injured at work besides seeking qualified medical treatment is to seek qualified legal advice.

Our consultation will not cost you, but not understanding the law may cost you.  We can maximize the benefits to which you are entitled.

We have seen many unfortunate situations become much worse because the injured worker detrimentally relied on the employer or insurance carrier in regard to their Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Do not get injured twice. The interest of the employer or insurance carrier is not the same as your interest. Know your rights!  Protect your rights!

If you retire while receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits, there will be an offset and your Work Comp benefits could end.  As a result, you will give up any potential lump sum settlement of your Workers’ Compensation claim which you may have been entitled to receive.

If you have lost hearing while working in a noisy environment, your employer may need to pay you a lump sum for that hearing loss.  If you have a scar from the collarbone up due to any work-related injury or work-related surgery your employer must pay benefits for that scar.

Another item of key importance is to give notice to your employer of your work injury. You only have 120 days to report your injury to your employer. Do not let the employer or insurance carrier try to discourage you from filing a claim to which you are rightfully entitled.  Keeping quiet and not wanting to enforce your rights can cost you.

All employers in Pennsylvania must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance and this is a benefit similar to health insurance benefits or short-term disability benefits which you may need to survive in the event of illness or injury. The only difference with Workers’ Compensation benefits is that these benefits are based on state law and often the only information you have about how these benefits work is through the employer or insurance carrier.   If the employer provides incorrect information this could lead to you losing important and valuable benefits.


Contact us to protect your rights!

We Exclusively Handle:

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If you have any questions about any type of injury, please feel free to contact Attorney Signe Rudberg or Don Rudberg, Coordinator at RUDBERG LAW OFFICES, toll free at 1.866.306.2667 or email at [email protected].


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