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Panel Physcians for Work Comp: Myth vs. Reality

What health insurance plan offers a choice of only six healthcare providers – the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act! When you have an accepted comp claim, you must seek treatment for your work injury with one of the providers on the panel list for 90 days from the date of the first visit.  To add insult to injury, often your employer will try to choose the physician for you or lead you to believe they have the right to control who you see.  Knowing your rights in relation to the panel physician list is imperative to countering these tactics.  Not knowing can seriously affect your health and ability to recover from your injury.

Below are some Panel Physician List facts for you:

  1. List of 6 Healthcare Providers
  2. Posted Visibly at Workplace
  3. Must be Given Acknowledgement to Sign after Injury
  4. Make Your Own Appointments
  6. If Claim is Denied, No Need to Follow the Panel List
  7. Panel List can be Negotiated with Employer

As you can see there are many rules the employer tends to disregard.

You should also know that there are several ways that you can avoid being limited to the Panel List, allowing you to treat with your own physician:

  1. If you have not been provided with an LIBC form within 21 days from your date of injury by your employer;
  2. If no Panel List is posted at your workplace;
  3. If you have not signed an acknowledgement of the Panel List after your injury;
  4. If you have had emergency treatment and the ER physician refers you to another specialist for your condition; and
  5. If there is not a chiropractor on the Panel List, you may see a chiropractor of your choice.

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