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How Labor Market Surveys Can Affect Your Workers’ Comp Award

If you receive workers’ compensation because you were injured at work and cannot return to your job, that does not necessarily mean that you are unable to do any job. Although you may have physical limitations, you might be able to perform the duties of less demanding jobs. For example, if you are able to… Read More »

How Do I Prove That My Injury Is Work-Related?

If you are injured at work and wish to obtain workers’ compensation, you must prove to a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation judge (WCJ) that there is a causal connection between your work and the injury. If that causal connection is not obvious, proving it requires unequivocal medical testimony, the state Supreme Court has ruled. That means… Read More »

Do I Have to See the Company Doctor After a Work Injury?

The choice of a healthcare provider is very personal. Yet, if you file a claim for a work-related injury, you may not be able to see your chosen doctor, at least not on the company dime. Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation law allows your employer to limit your choice of treating physicians to a minimum of six… Read More »

Employers Violate Work Comp Act

Did you know that for EVERY reported work comp injury an injured worker, by law, the worker should receive a state approved form indicating whether the claim is accepted or denied from their Employer? More and more Employers fail to issue this form, which is called a Notice of Workers’ Compensation Payable or a Notice of… Read More »