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Take Time to Ascertain the True Extent of Your Injuries

One of the most important things to keep in mind about a personal injury case is that settlements are forever. When you sign an agreement to accept compensation, you are also signing away your legal rights to pursue damages. The finality of a settlement means you have to be very certain that the amount of compensation you’re accepting is adequate for the injuries you’ve suffered. Sometimes that means taking a little extra time to ascertain the full extent of your injuries.

We have counseled many accident victims who were given a positive prognosis for recovery that simply didn’t pan out. Head injuries can be much more serious than initially thought. The brain is still largely a mystery to medical science, and doctors are learning more all the time about the consequences of concussions. Moreover, patients with similar diagnostic test results may have widely divergent symptoms.  For example, two patients can have near identical MRIs of protruding lumbar discs, but one patient might only feel mild discomfort while the other is bedridden with severe pain.

Patients also have different capacities for healing. After surgery to set a compound leg fracture, a doctor could give you a very positive prognosis for recovery. But two months later, you might still be unable to walk without pain.

At Rudberg Law Offices, LLC, we understand that financial pressures mount when you are unable to work because of a personal injury. Often, a quick settlement that puts money in your pocket in a timely manner is your best possible outcome. But before you sign a settlement agreement, you must be sure about the extent of your injuries and confident in your doctor’s prognosis. 

If you have questions about the best way to manage your personal injury claim, contact an experienced plaintiff’s attorney at Rudberg Law Offices, LLC to schedule a free consultation.

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