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Tour Guide Who Survived Fatal Bus Crash Settles with Tractor-Trailer Company for $5.25 Million

Because of their sheer size and weight, loaded tractor-trailers can inflict catastrophic harm to passengers of other vehicles they crash into — even when those passengers are in vehicles significantly larger than cars, such as buses. In 2015, a tour bus carrying 14 Italian tourists traveling across Pennsylvania north to Niagara Falls on Interstate 380 was hit by a southbound tractor-trailer in Coolbaugh Township in Monroe County. The collision resulted in multiple injuries and the deaths of the tour bus driver and two passengers. More than two years later, the tour guide, severely injured in the crash, reached a settlement with the trucking company.

The truck, which was originally traveling south on I-380, drove across a wide grassy median between the north and south lanes of the highway before slamming into the tour bus after striking another tractor-trailer. One of the more than two dozen bus passengers injured was Ivan Galietti, the group’s tour guide, who was sitting behind the driver. Even while severely injured, in great pain, and trapped in the wreckage, the English-speaking tour guide acted as an interpreter between the EMTs and the Italian bus passengers.

Galietti, who had no medical insurance, filed a negligence lawsuit in Pennsylvania’s middle district court against the trucking company, Greatwide Dedicated Transport, and the driver of the tractor-trailer, Franklin D. Wyatt. Galietti was fortunate to survive the fatal collision, but his injuries, which included two broken legs and other fractures, were serious enough to require multiple surgeries. He was facing future medical costs of more than $1 million and lost future wages close to $500,000. The complaint alleged that all of his injuries were the result of the truck driver’s carelessness and negligence, and the driver later admitted to police that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel and couldn’t remember all of the details of the accident.

Galietti’s lawyer, who argued that the driver’s negligence caused him to lose control of the truck, was able to recover damages for Galietti’s medical expenses, which had already reached nearly $1 million. The trucking company finally agreed to settle with Galietti for $5.25 million. This amount will go toward the medical treatment and rehabilitation he needs as well as covering the loss of income from his inability to work as a tour guide after suffering severe injuries caused by the crash.

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