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What to do if INJURED AT WORK

These are the most important points that an injured employee will need to know to initially report an injury:

  • Notify your supervisor immediately regardless of the nature or severity of the injury. Based on state law you have up to 120 days to give notice to your employer of a work-related injury.

  • This notice protects and preserves your rights to file a claim within three years.

  • Make sure that an accident report is filed immediately.

  • Your employer has 21 days to accept or deny your claim.

  • You must treat with one of the employer’s healthcare providers (from a list of six names) for 90 days from the date of the initial visit. Thereafter, you can treat with a healthcare provider of your choice, as long as you notify your employer within 5 days of your initial visit with your healthcare provider.

  • If your claim is denied, you can treat with your own healthcare provider.

  • If your disability lasts more than 7 calendar days and wage loss benefits are not paid within 21 days of the onset of your disability, then you should contact a qualified attorney or your union representative.

It is also imperative the employer issue the Bureau approved LIBC forms to either acknowledge the work injury or deny the work injury. The employer has 21 days to issue the appropriate paperwork and provide a copy to the employee from the time the employee has given notice.  This period runs from the date the employee gives notice to the employer.

An employer may issue a Notice of Compensation Payable, Notice of Compensation Payable Medical Only, Notice of Temporary Workers’ Compensation Payable or a Notice of Denial.  Each of these Notices will dictate the type of case and the rights and benefits the injured worker may be entitled to into the future.

If no document is forthcoming from the employer, it may be necessary to file a claim petition to have the rights and benefits defined by a Workers’ Compensation Judge.

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