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Workers’ Compensation Be Aware of Your Rights!

Workers’ Compensation is a benefit that is dictated by state law. All employees in the state of Pennsylvania are required to cover their employees under work comp. These benefits are mandated by state law and are not optional.

Any injury in the course and scope of employment is covered by work comp wage loss and medical benefits. It does not have to be the fault of the employer that created the injury but ANY injury or aggravation of a pre-existing injury must be covered by these benefits. Likewise you are entitled to benefits even if your injury was your fault.  It is a no fault benefit.

Be sure that you know what steps YOU have to take and that your employer has to take when an injury occurs.

  • You must report the work injury;
  • You must treat with a doctor of YOUR choice from the panel list; and
  • You would be best advised to make all of your own appointments and be aware that your employer does not have a right to talk to your doctor but has the right to order the records of the work related treatment.
  • You have three years to file a claim if your employer denies benefits.

NOTE: Your employer must let you know within 21 days if the injury is going to be considered a work comp injury by providing you with an LIBC form – this form is a specific form that the State of Pennsylvania requires. If you do not receive this form then your injury is not documented properly and you will need to file a work comp claim with a judge and no longer need to treat with the panel list of healthcare providers.

If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact a representative of Rudberg Law Offices, LLC. It is important that you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS so that you are not denied valuable rights that you may be entitled to!

Do not let your employer get away with only paying short term disability and convincing you to use your private health care.

If you need assistance with this or any other work comp or injury issue, please feel free to contact the Attorneys at RUDBERG LAW OFFICES, LLC toll free at 1-866-306-2667 or email [email protected]

Know Your Rights!                                                      Protect Your Rights!