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Traumatic and Repetitive Injury

Many Workers’ Compensation injuries fall into the category of traumatic and repetitive injury. A traumatic injury would be any injury to the bones, muscles or joints caused by work activity such as lifting heavy objects, falling, twisting or any type of trauma that aggravates a pre-existing condition or injury. Usually traumatic injuries are accepted by the employer since it is fairly obvious that the injury occurred at work, however the employer will often try to blame non work related conditions, such as arthritis, for the injury rather than paying the claim. Therefore, medical evidence is crucial and your physician can clarify how the injury is related to work activities.

Repetitive injuries can be work related as well. Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and shoulder injuries are often caused by repetitive work activities which overstress the muscles, joints and ligaments and create chronic painful conditions. Again, it is important for your physician to understand the work you do and the production quotas or incentives which have contributed to the overuse of your body. A workers’ compensation judge must evaluate the medical evidence in these cases in order to understand how the injury occurred and to grant the claim. If you have had a traumatic or repetitive injury at work, please contact Rudberg Law Offices, LLC for assistance at 1-866-306-2667.