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Call an Attorney When You Have or Need to File a Workers’ Comp Claim

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Below, the Pittsburgh Workers’ Compensation lawyers of Rudberg Law Offices, LLC discuss the reasons to call an attorney when you have or you need to file a claim for injuries sustained in the workplace.

Avoid initial denials

An injured worker must adhere to specific time limitations, which could be fatal to a Workers’ Comp claim if missed. For instance, an injured worker must give proper notice of his or her work injury to the employer within 120 days of the injury. If the injury is denied or not properly recognized by the employer as work related, an injured worker must file the appropriate petition within three years of the date of injury. An attorney with experience in Workers’ Compensation law can ensure that the notice to the employer of the work injury is properly and timely given, and an experienced attorney can ensure that the appropriate petitions are filed timely and correctly.

Fight denials

If an employer denies an employee’s injury as work related or refuses to properly recognize the full injury, the employee has the right and actually must file a petition with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. An attorney with experience in Workers’ Compensation cases can ensure that the proper petition is filed and that the necessary evidence is submitted to the Workers’ Compensation Judge. Special rules of evidence and Court apply and an experienced attorney will be able to litigate your case while adhering to those rules.

Sometimes additional petitions must be filed by the injured worker or the employer files additional petitions with the Court. An attorney can assist you in filing a Workers’ Comp claim and defending these petitions.

Deal with Workers’ Compensation insurance company tactics

Very often, the Workers’ Comp insurance carrier utilizes delay tactics or attempts to devalue your claim. An experienced Workers’ Comp lawyer recognizes these tactics and sends a clear message to the insurance company that it will not be tolerated.

An attorney can let you know what to expect from the insurance company, and what they can and cannot do according to the Workers’ Compensation Act. An attorney can also negotiate a settlement, letting the insurance company know that they must fairly assess your case.

Contact a skilled Pittsburgh Workers’ Compensation lawyer

If you would like to use experienced attorneys to fight or settle your Workers’ Compensation claim, please call Rudberg Law Offices, LLC of Pittsburgh at 412-488-6000, 1-866-306-2667 for a free consultation right away, or complete our attorney contact form.